Focus on the Temple bar area in Dublin

Focus on the Temple bar area in Dublin

Temple Bar, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland, gives a variety of amusing experience to locals and visitors. It is the place of excitement and funny activities. Temple Bar serves as a center of cultural institutions in Dublin. But it is also more famous as the commonest place of those who are fun of enjoyable nightlife in the city. Temple Bar is situated at the heart of Dublin, on the south bank of the River Liffey.

Some ideas about the best pubs and bars in Temple Bar

  • The Temple Bar

Mainly characterized by vivid red building, big beer garden and flagstone, many people (locals and foreigners) consider the Temple Bar as the most crowded place of this popular tourist destination. As it is called, it is the most popular bar whenever people talk about Temple Bar area. Thanks to the long experience from 1840, it is skilled in welcoming people and give the best of the bar to make its customers satisfied. High-quality beer and whiskey, food and different other beverages and live music played by talented local musicians can be expected when visiting the place.

  • The Palace Bar

If you go a bit further up to the end of Temple Bar, you will see one of the top 3 bars of Temple Bar, which is The Palace Bar. This bar is famous for its magnificent pints of Guinness. It is not an exceptionally large place but it offers excellent services in the giant and luxurious old-building. The Palace Bar is a very calm and stable place. In other words, the experience is honest, real and amusing in this Bar. Too many locals and foreigners choose the bar to enjoy the best whiskey and beer of Ireland.

  • The Foggy Dew

If you prefer experiencing traditional atmosphere of conversation with high-class beer, The Foggy Dew is for you. It is a very enjoyable spot animated by different kinds of live music and talented DJs throughout the week. The place welcomes more visitors on Sundays because of many experienced Irish musicians who complete the ambiance during the nights with traditional melodies. Here is the place where you make numerous new friends and open big relationship with locals and other foreigners thanks to the communal joy and party.

  • The Turk's Head

It generally looks like other bars, but if you get in it you will be amazed by extravagant, incredible architecture and mosaic designed by Spanish experts. The bar offers exiting live music experience performed by talented musicians in its very large space. Late night DJs are also there to complete the ambiance while drinking unusual beer and whiskey of Ireland. The Turk's Head is a perfect destination to enjoy a nightlife with family and friends during your stay in Dublin.

Traveling to Dublin to experience enjoyable moment

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