Emblematic places in and around Dublin

Photo Emblematic places in and around Dublin

Dublin is a beautiful city, situated in the east coast of Ireland, bordered by the River Liffey. Dublin is the capital and the biggest city of Ireland. The city inspires many visitors from many outland countries thanks to its beauty. It is full of attractions and insights that will leave wonderful memories to visitors. The best of Dublin includes cultural attractions, gardens, mountains, national parks and many other interesting spaces.

Some of the emblematic places in and around Dublin

  •  Cliffs of Moher: This is one of the most visited spots of Dublin area that visitors should not miss during their tours. The beauty and the fascinating view of this place are built by the high cliffs facing the large ocean, the smooth wind, the fresh air, the wild green lands and the cry of the birds flying around. It is also a romantic place that touches the heart and the soul during the visit. Some guides are available to lead you to the place.
  •  Blarney Castle: It is one of the oldest castles of Ireland that is located in the small town of Blarney. The area is covered in green grass and plants that make it a wonderful garden. It is recommended to spend more time in the garden to experience the nature while taking a walk. If you focus on everything about the castle, you will discover many interesting things. This will allow you to see the amazing stones, the fantastic walls, the Badger's Cave, etc.
  •  Kilkenny City: Kilkenny is a historic heritage city in west Dublin. It has many interesting things that attract a great number of visitors. The city is small but it is rich in attractions. It is full of craft industry and many artistic products that interest tourists. Kilkenny city is surrounded by gardens and artistic locals that make the area famous for tourism. This is also the place of many excellent festivals and the unbelievable arts of Irish Architects. All this makes the city a good destination for a holiday.
  •  Powerscourt Gardens: This is a large garden with a beautiful and glorious scenery, located in Enniskerry, County Wicklow, Ireland. The beauty of the garden is mainly made with the natural gardens, the decorative lakes, the long terraces and the green trees. An old castle is also standing in the garden. This is one of the big treasures of Ireland history. Many visitors from all around the world are mostly interested in visiting this place during their stay.

Traveling to Dublin

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